lgbtq topics

Section #1: LGBTQ Topics: 

1. For LDS Leaders:  Latest Church Answers (From LDS Leaders) on Key LGBTQ Questions:

1a.  Talk on 9.20 at Joseph Smith Memorial Building about LGBTQ:

1b.  Greg Prince 'Science of Homosexuality' (Sept 2017)

1c.  Greg Barnett, gay LDS man, talk in YSA Ward (Oct 2017)

1d.  William Bradshaw/Encircle Pamphlet on Homosexuality (Nov 2017)

1e.  Dear LGTBQ Elder or Sister Missionary (Nov 2017):

1f:  Who Do You See In the Pool of Bethesda Painting (Oct 2017):

1g:  Christmas Prayer (Dec 2017)

2. Sunstone Talk: Why I Became an Ally (7.28.17) (this link downloads the Word document to your computer)

3. Talk About LDS LGBT Community In Home Ward (1.8.17):

4. To LDS Ward Leaders: Thoughts On Ministering To Your LGBT Members (10.23.16)

5. Stockton Power/Ministering To Our LGBT Friends/Why I Became An Ally (10.16.16):

6. What Do The Letters In LGBTQI Mean And How Do I Interact With LGBTQI friends (5.6.17):

7. How Did I Come To Accept Gay Marriage As a Deeply Committed Member (5.27.17)

8. Why Life In Mormonism Is Different For a Single Gay Man vs Single Straight Woman (6.3.2017)

9. Ministering To Our Transgender Friends (11.20.16)

10. Emmett; Transgender Man (10.3.16)

11.  Visit with Steve Young (7.8.17)

12. Encircle and Temple ... both Houses of Healing (6.24.17)

13. Becky Heinhold Timm Story Of Accepting Gay Son (12.6.16)

14. Bill Evans Former LDS Church PR Joins Affirmation Board (10.18.16):

15. Derek Knox, Gay Convert Letter To Ward After Baptism (7.16):

16. Bryce Cook Family (active LDS Parents with two gay sons):

17. Family Acceptance Project:

18. Ben Schilaty Gay LDS Man Advice for Bishops (3.30.17):

19. Mackintosh Family Decision To Support Their 'Openly Gay Son' (3.17.17)

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